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Christy McCann (a.k.a. Christy-Rocket McCann) was found guilty in a Concord (Country Costa County) court of law of fraudulently selling a 21.5 inch computer monitor, which was advertised by her as being a 27 inch computer monotor.

McCann advertised this on both Craigslist and Facebook, and testified that she owned the monitor for at least 3 months. In her usual "nothing is my fault" attitude, she blamed the inaccuracy on her ex boyfriend, claming she never measured it before advertising it and her ex said it was 27 inches.

She dropped the monitor off at the buyer's home, took her money and left within minutes. When the buyer measured the monitor the next day and complained, and asked for his money back, she REFUSED, saying it was not her problem now.

Of course, this went to court. Concord (Contra Costa County, Case # CSC12-0393) Typically, a judge will not announce the results in court in order to spare the loser embarrassment & humiliation. However, in this case Christy McCann was so unreasonable that the judge proceeded to scold her and announce the result immediately. Guilty, ordered to refund the money, pay processing fee, and pay service fee. This was August 23, 2012. As of today (Feb. 22, 2013) McCann has not paid her court ordered debt.

The message here: If you are considering doing business with Christy McCann on any level, think twice! This woman is dishonest in more than one person's opinion.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Hollywood, Florida, United States #1331743

I follow her on facebook.In my expert opinion(i'm an expert on everything), she is the most beautiful and loving person in the world.

I met her in person last year.

She gave me a great makeover.Now my husband is crazy about me again,so much so that he no longer needs Cialis.

to LadyScot Dallas, Texas, United States #1332455

How can I get in contact with her?

to robert Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #1337774

Anyone know how we can get in contact with her?

to LadyScot Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1337388

Is she really that good?


I love her

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #1274835

Rocket Makeup appears to be just a woman who does special effects and other make up and hair. What does that have to do with whether she sold a computer monitor that was a different size than advertised? She's not selling makeup as far as I can see so I don't see what kind of damage she can do beyond doing bad makeup or hair.


Who knew a blow up doll in a Dolly Parton wig and three pounds of pancake makeup could be tried in a court of law?

West Hollywood, California, United States #972808

Christy is the most beautiful lady in the world!!!! All the negatives said about her are lies. I love her.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada #971118

Look at those eyes, They'd look so so sweet and innocent looking up at me like that.

Millburn, New Jersey, United States #965252

Update on Christy!!!All charges and convictions were dropped and expunged from her record.

Case # 3776-kln-8897.There is justice after all.

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